In person one on one courses

If you would like us to deliver training personally to you, one on one, at one of our UK locations, we can offer this service. We would still provide the equipment, course materials, and everything else you need. It is just like our standard public course except that we guarantee you will be the only one on the course, and will have the undivided attention of the instructor.


  • Full attention of the instructor
  • Ask as many questions as you like
  • Take as long as you like with the exercises
  • Choose a time and location of your choice
  • Available for all our listed courses


The charge for a one on one course is £595.00 plus VAT per day. So for a 2 day course such as our Introduction to SQL course, the cost would be 2 x £595.00 plus VAT. For a 3 day course such as our Developing Web Applications with ASP.NET course, it would be 3 x £595.00 plus VAT, and so on.

If you require any further information please contact us.


Want to save money and cut out the travel?

We also offer live remote one on one training delivered over the internet - see our live remote one on one courses page for details.

More than one delegate?

If there is more than one of you who would like to have the instructor to yourself, without any additional delegates, we offer private/closed courses on-site at your location - see our closed courses page for details.