Closed courses (also known as "private" or "on-site" courses)

If you would like us to deliver training on-site at your location, we can offer this service. If you require training for three or more delegates, you may find this more cost effective than booking a scheduled course.

Please contact us if you are interested in us bringing one of our courses on-site to your organisation.


The charge for this is £950.00 plus VAT per day, or part thereof, plus expenses (hotel and travel).


We can if required supply all necessary equipment. If you prefer to use your own please discuss this with us before the course to ensure that your equipment is set up correctly.

Number of delegates

There is no theoretical limit to the number of delegates you place on the course. In practice though we would recommend that no more than 10 should be involved. Above this level the amount of individual attention the instructor can give to each delegate will diminish.

In particular we would strongly recommend that only delegates who need to attend the course do so. In our experience some organisations add delegates to a private/closed course that they would not send on a public course, with the thinking being that as there is no additional cost involved, there is no disadvantage in doing so, even if the delegate doesn't strictly need the training. The strong feedback we have had from instructors and attendees on such courses is that these delegates do in fact detract from the learning of others who need to be there. Their attention levels are lower, they may be unable to put the training into context if it is not something that directly impacts their day to day job or experience, and they generally drain the attention of the instructor away from those who would benefit more from it. As a general rule, we would advise that you only put forward delegates who you would be willing to pay for on a public course, if a closed course wasn't available.


We will be happy to adhere to any reasonable timing requirements to fit in with your delegates' normal working hours. The instructor will require access to the training room 45 minutes before the due start time. As a guide the training would usually start on the first day at 9.30am, with the instructor gaining access to the training room at 8.45am. The first day would usually end around 4.45pm. There would be two 15 minute breaks and a one-hour lunch break during the day. Subsequent days' starting times would then be agreed between the instructor and the delegates. As stated though we are happy to work around your delegates' normal working hours, so please let us know if you would like alternative timings.


Please consider the following if hosting a course at your location:

Training room

When booking a room for the training, please be aware that your delegates will need sufficient room to be comfortable for the duration of the course (usually multiple days), with a laptop in front of them, a mouse on one side and a book (the course materials) on the other. As a rule therefore, trainees usually need double the amount of space that you would book for just a short meeting. i.e. if a meeting room is advertised as seating 10 people in boardroom style, that would usually only be suitable for training 5 people. Please also allow room for the trainer, although he/she will not have a mouse or the courseware, so a single seat should be fine for him/her.

You do not need to provide a projector or screen, or enough room for one, as the course can be delivered directly to each delegates' laptop screen with VNC software.

Power supply

Please ensure that there are an adequate number of power sockets in the training room, and that they are positioned such that each delegate's laptop can be safely powered. The instructor will also have a laptop, and will need to power a router for the VNC delivery, so the number of sockets needed will be the number of delegates plus two. In particular, the sockets need to be positioned close enough to where the laptops will be that they can be powered, and that there will no trailing wires that could form a trip hazard.

Web access

For our HTML/CSS course, web access is preferable, although it is possible to run the course without it. For all other courses, it is not necessary.

Directions and meeting arrangements

Please provide the full address, including postcode, as early as possible. If you are aware that sat navs usually have difficulty in finding the address please advise of this, and alternative points of reference for the instructor if possible.

Please also provide details of who the instructor should ask for on arrival, including a telephone number, and ensure that you have advised security/reception to expect the instructor.

Instructor parking

In almost all cases where we are providing equipment it will be necessary for the instructor to park a car as near as possible to the training facility. If parking facilities exist at your location please book a parking space for the instructor as soon as the training date is confirmed, to ensure that one is available. (You may even want to book it while the training is still at a provisional stage, as a failure to secure a parking space could severely impact the ability of the trainer to deliver the equipment.)

If parking is not available, please advise as early as possible, along with any suggestions for alternatives. Any paid parking charges would be reclaimed from you as part of the training, and if the parking was not close enough to the training facility, the instructor would also retain the right to take a taxi from the parking location to the facility, and this would also be chargeable to the client. By booking the training you are agreeing to reimburse the full cost of the trainer getting to the door of the training facility. This is necessary because of the large amount of equipment he/she will need to bring.

If you require any further information please contact us.


Only one delegate?

If you only have one delegate and you would like to have the instructor to yourself, without any additional delegates, we also offer one on one courses - online, at our locations or on-site at yours - see our live remote one on one courses and in-person one on one courses pages for details.