Live remote one on one courses

Enjoy the full and undivided attention of one of our expert instructors without having to leave your home or office.

Using remote video and desktop sharing technology, our instructor will deliver the course to you live over the internet.

This is not a recording, the course will be delivered live, with two way audio allowing you to ask questions, just as you would in a classroom setting. Two way video will allow you to be able to see each other, and you'll both be able to see each other's computer screens too, so the instructor can show you demonstrations and check your exercises when you've done them. You will not have to share the attention of the instructor - you will be the only one being taught.

You'll save on costs too as this is our most cost effective option. Plus you get to avoid the travel and expense.


  • Full attention of the instructor
  • Ask as many questions as you like
  • Take as long as you like with the exercises
  • No travel expenses or time
  • Available for all our listed courses

What do I need?

As a minimum, just a PC with a good internet connection and a built in PC and microphone. You will be able to connect to the training through the Chrome browser, which is free. Ideally your PC will also have a webcam so that the instructor can see you, but this is not essential. If you would like to test the setup in advance of the course (before committing to a booking) let us know and we can arrange this.

You will have the option to access one of our student PCs remotely to do the exercises. If you would prefer to do them on your own PC let us know, and we can send you instructions on how to set it up.


The charge for a live remote one on one course is £395.00 plus VAT per day, payable in advance. So for a 2 day course such as our Introduction to SQL course, the cost would be 2 x £395.00 plus VAT. For a 3 day course such as our Developing Web Applications with ASP.NET course, it would be 3 x £395.00 plus VAT, and so on.

Please contact us for further information

Prefer to be there in person?

We also offer public or one on one in-person training - see our in person one on one courses page for details (UK only).

More than one delegate?

If there is more than one of you who would like to have the instructor to yourself, without any additional delegates, we offer private/closed courses on-site at your location - see our closed courses page for details (UK only).